• We believe our unique Client Services distinguish Bergman Dacey Goldsmith from other law firms, based on our problem-solving, short and long term strategies, superb litigators and results oriented philosophy.


    We are available to our clients seven days a week, day and night, when and as needed. We have a proven track record in securing needed injunctive or provisional relief in exigent circumstances. In every matter we will represent our clients faithfully according to their goals and requirements.


    The shareholders and associates in our firm successfully handle numerous jury and bench trials, arbitrations, and appellate work in state and federal forums. We provide ongoing training and education to insure that our representation as your counsel maintains the highest quality and most up-to-date knowledge available.


    While we are primarily litigators, we participate in mediations and arbitrations in an ongoing effort to resolve disputes early. Often our participation in such mediations results in claims being dismissed from ongoing litigation. Other times, matters may be resolved through arbitration.


    The shareholders of our firm meet regularly to insure that our billing rates are reasonable and competitive. We develop a Litigation Plan and Budget at the outset of each matter to assure time spent and costs incurred most effectively implement our clients’ needs and objectives.


    Bergman Dacey Goldsmith is a member of Mackrell International, an association of independent law firms throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and countries around the world. Member firms work together in close cooperation, sharing resources, expertise, and services through regular consultation and semi-annual meetings of the full membership. This enables us to offer premium national and international representation on a cost-effective and personal basis. Some of our attorneys are fluent in French, Hebrew, and/or Spanish.

    For further information about Bergman Dacey Goldsmith and Mackrell International, visit their website at www.mackrell.net.

    Mackrell International does not itself provide any legal services and its member firms are not an international partnership. Learn more here – http://www.mackrell.net/legal-terms-conditions.


    All of your legal matters are supervised by a Shareholder of the firm who actively participates in all stages of the litigation. The Shareholder is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, or to immediately determine the status of your case. A monthly billing statement is mailed to our clients to help them monitor fees and costs incurred to date.

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