• Bergman Dacey Goldsmith is a California certified MCLE provider. Our firm is prepared to offer you and your employees the following CLE seminars at your request:


    1. Successful Strategies for Defending Complex Litigation/ Class Actions
    2. Advanced Techniques for Controlling Litigation Costs
    3. Attorney Fee Litigation: Know the Keys to Winning
    4. Trial by Fire: Contracts That Have Withstood the Fire of Trial
    5. How to Effectively Identify, Prosecute, and/or Defend a False Claim
    6. The Critical Importance of Understanding Computer Correspondence/ E-mailing
    7. The Rules of the Road: Navigating Expert Witnesses
    8. Weathering the Storm: Effective Recession Savvy Litigation Strategies


    1. Contingent Workers: Is Your Organization at Risk?
    2. SLAPP Motions in Employment Litigation
    3. Precluding a Claim for Disability Discrimination
    4. Time is of the Essence: A Wage & Hour Litigation Discussion
    5. A Guide to Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    (Fulfills California Gov. Code §12950.1 requirements.)
    6. Preventing Workplace Claims: The Hot Zones Where Employers Get In Trouble
    7. The Reasonable Accommodation Process
    8. Engaging in the Interactive Process: What Employers Need to Know to Comply


    1. Damage Calculations in Construction Cases
    2. Payment: The Lifeblood of a Construction Project
    3. Legal Protections for School Districts in the Construction Process
    4. Understanding Piggyback Contracts
    5. Bonds, Guarantees, and Warranties
    6. Pre-Construction Legal Procedures
    7. Managing Your Construction Manager
    8. Eliminate Litigation Through the “Partial Agreement Change Order”
    9. Avoiding Traps, Pitfalls and Problems on Public Works Projects
    10. Design Build: Don’t Design Yourself Into Litigation


    1. CERCLA and Superfund Issues
    2. Understanding CEQA Law


    1. Understanding Your Business Insurance Coverage Needs
    2. Disaster Preparedness: Putting Your Insurance House in Order


    1. Elimination of Bias
    2. ETHICS: Ethics and the Savvy Lawyer
    3. ETHICS: What Public Agency Decision Makers Must Know About California’s Conflict of Interest and Self-Dealing Laws
    4. Substance Abuse: Detection, Prevention and Treatment

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