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    Neutral Services



    Neutral facilitation of negotiations between parties involved in pre-litigation and litigated disputes, including assistance in recognizing interests, defining issues, evaluating alternatives, and achieving mutually satisfactory resolutions.

    Project Facilitation

    Coordination of all steps to efficiently complete large construction and environmental projects, including facilitation of all public and private parties to achieve successful project proposal, development, and implementation.


    Provision of independent neutrals to provide impartial assistance and resources to resolve internal work environment conflicts to minimize risk and discord and to maximize workplace morale and productivity.

    Consulting Services


    Resolution Training

    Educational seminars, courses, and consultation designed to: (1) train HR personnel and supervisors to resolve internal workplace conflicts; and (2) assist all employees in developing effective communication skills and team building to increase harmonious interactions and opportunities for synergy in the workplace.

    Conflict Resolution
    Systems Design

    Evaluation of existing resolution systems, problem areas, and potential goals; assistance in designing and implementing internal conflict resolution systems to effectively and efficiently achieve those goals.

    Advocacy Services



    Assistance in evaluating facts, identifying significant interests, and developing persuasive negotiating strategies to maximize success in achieving the client’s short- and long-term goals.


    Efficient, effective representation of individuals, private companies, and public entities before all state and federal trial courts and administrative agencies, including evaluating claims, marshaling evidence, drafting strategic motions, and developing and presenting persuasive themes and arguments at trial.


    Effective evaluation of trial court proceedings, cutting edge legal issues, public policy implications, and societal impacts to place clients in the strongest position to gain amicus curiae support, attain review, and achieve appellate success.

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