• Calif Supreme Court Extends Exercise of Jurisdiction of Calif Courts, Out of State Consumers get California Jurisdiction in drug case.

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    A recent finding by the California Supreme Court in Bristol-Meyers Squibb v. Superior Court has significant implications for nonresident corporations doing business in California. A corporation headquartered outside of California who is subject to specific personal jurisdiction in California with regards to claims made by Californian plaintiffs may find itself litigating similar claims made by nonresident plaintiffs in California as well.

    The California litigation firms of Hoge Fenton in San Jose/Northern California and Bergman Dacey Goldsmith in Los Angeles/Southern California, both collaborative members of the Mackrell International law firm marketing network, are both poised to advise corporations with headquarters outside of California and litigate in such matters.

    For more information please contact Sheila Deen, Hoge Fenton, at sheila.deen@hogefenton.com or Gregory Bergman, Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, at gbergman@bdgfirm.com.

    To read more detail about this finding, please view the attached.

    Bristol Meyers Squibb v. Superior Court Article

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