• Experience and commitment represent Bergman Dacey Goldsmith’s firm philosophy and approach to the resolution of complex public law problems. These problems, which often require the application of innovative, sophisticated, and comprehensive legal solutions, are becoming more complex than ever, as the public law climate evolves toward ever-greater regulation and compliance-centered action. At Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, we have extensive experience representing clients before legislative, administrative, and regulatory agencies, and at all levels of California and federal courts. Our goal is to provide practical, effective solutions to ensure that our public clients’ needs are met, and expectations surpassed.

    The specialized nature of our firm allows us to take on any specific problem, knowing that we have amassed a wealth of talent and cross-practice experience to formulate the best response to our clients’ individualized concerns. We pride ourselves on rapid responsiveness and cost-effective service to our clients.


    Bergman Dacey Goldsmith’s land use and environmental law practice embraces two distinct specialties: planning and litigation. The former pertains to preventive measures. Our insightful and creative attorneys can anticipate potential problems long before the issues rise to the level of litigation. Our attorneys have the necessary knowledge of applicable regulations and the experience in assuring compliance with them. As such, Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, reviews public entity plans and environmental impact reports, ensuring that our public entity clients are making decisions that are as viable and litigation-proof as possible. Therefore, if litigation does arise, Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, can fully defend its clients’ land use and environmental decisions against outside party claims to the contrary. We know our regulatory advice rests on sound conclusions of law and a comprehension of regulatory statutes that goes beyond mere superficial understanding. Bergman Dacey Goldsmith has a proven track record of defending our public entity clients in court, in front of administrative agencies, and at the mediation table.

    Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, provides many services to public entities, including:

    • specific and general plan preparation and implementation, California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") compliance, National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA") compliance, hazardous waste planning and compliance, direct and inverse condemnation action representation, and land use litigation representation, as well as a myriad other environmental law compliance.


    In an era of increasing municipal regulation, Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, understands that municipalities face many conflicting challenges. For instance, local entities must often comply with new regulations while concurrently minimizing the cost of such compliance to preserve funding for other necessary programs. These are very real concerns for a municipality. Fortunately, these concerns can be assuaged by concrete, viable solutions. Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, understands the complexities inherent in municipal law, and can help decipher seemingly conflicting statutory provisions, and effectively and preemptively synthesize a solution that allows local entities to comply with the law, without having to compromise their budgets or the community being served.

    At Bergman Dacey Goldsmith, our attorneys have extensive experience regarding procedural legislation and voter-sponsored initiatives, including the Brown Act (public meeting compliance), the Political Reform Act , and general code enforcement. In addition, our role is not merely to assist with legal preventive action and compliance, but to provide strategic and planning support to local entities that need it.

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